Praise for So L.A.

Author Reviews:

“Electric, funny, lively, edged prose illuminates the pages of  So L.A.– Hoida knows how to write sentences and characters that bite right into you.”

-Aimee Bender, author of The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake 

“Bridget is a rare thing — an original writer with a unique voice. Her writing is ironic, satirical, smart, sexy and deeply tender. This is a book Joan Didion will wish she’d written!”

— Chris Abani, author of The Virgin of Flames and Song For Night

“Bridget Hoida has crafted a remarkably fine novel.  The language of this work is fresh, surprising and relentless.  The novel captures California, it captures the culture, it captures this one woman’s life and it captured me.  This is strong stuff from a strong talent.  Hoida’s voice is here to stay.”

-Percival Everett, author of Assumption and Erasure

“In So L.A., Bridget Hoida has crafted that rarest of books: intelligent, gorgeously written—and, best of all, fun. The charming, witty and slightly off-kilter voice of narrator Magdalena de la Cruz brings to mind the writing of Nabokov—but in a distinctly California style: Magdalena is a six-foot blonde rhinestone artist with acrylic nails and silicone breasts living in the heart of Los Angeles. She is, by turns, endearing, frustrating and heart-breaking as she tries to salvage her dissolving marriage in the wake of her brother’s death.  Hoida’s sharp, exquisite prose awed me, and brought me to both laughter and tears.”

-Shawna Yang Ryan, author of Water Ghosts

“Both heartbreaking and hilarious, Bridget Hoida’s novel is a stunning debut. Inventive and deeply poetic, charming and wickedly witty, this is a work of lasting and profound satisfactions.”

-David St. John, author of The Red Leaves of Night

Editorial Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

“In Bridget Hoida’s So L.A. […] One woman juggles the five stages of grief in this novel’s cutting portrait of a marriage’s slow-motion deterioration. […] Prone to embellishment, melodrama and laugh-out-loud set pieces, Magdalena isn’t an unreliable narrator, even though she admits to being “inconsistent.” Hoida gives her a sure and steady voice, full of caustic wit and raw emotion. With bright similes and shining epigrams, she gleefully mines Tinseltown tropes while skewering class, consumerism and body image. Revelations are punctuated with punch lines that land squarely in the gut. Although the ending is abrupt, it’s as clever as the rest of the book. Best of all, it leaves hope that readers haven’t seen the end of Magda. In this razor-sharp debut, grief and loathing beget a juicy tragicomedy.”

Kirkus Reviews, July 18, 2012

ForeWord Clarion Review: Five Stars (out of Five)
“A protagonist’s soul is revealed only through the expertise of a skilled writer capable of capturing every thought, mood, and emotion. In So L.A., Bridget Hoida creates a poignant exploration of a grief-stricken artist’s mind as she learns to accept the accidental rock-climbing death of her younger brother and the gradual demise of her marriage to a wealthy businessman.

“Without traditional dialogue set in quotation marks, this literary endeavor has nothing in common with structured commercial fiction. Every character speaks with a distinctive voice embedded within the narrative. […]

“The easygoing style and tone of a diary make the story simple to absorb, especially as it is well written. Magdalena may never come across as definitive or concise, but she is a lifelike personality in this subtle portrait of a tender woman’s spirit in conflict with itself. Sheer will to live propels this traumatized individual to endure tremendous psychological pain under challenging circumstances.

“An award-winning scholar and writer, Bridget Hoida holds a doctorate in literature and creative writing from the University of Southern California. So L.A. is her debut novel. (Starred Review)”

-Julia Ann Charpentier, ForeWord Clarion Review, July 17, 2012