Bridget Hoida On: Blue Books

Truth be told, sixteen years ago I “broke up with” my husband (who wasn’t my husband, yet) because he didn’t read books. You all get me, right?

TOTALLY reasonable.

But when he agreed to the “Bridget Hoida” book of the week club, I took him back (lucky for him. Also agreed).

But we’ve always struggled with books. ALWAYS. For example, he doesn’t like “books in public.” I know. I know. Shut the Front Door. Twice. But that’s just how he “is”. And, not, let me clarify, READING books in public. Rather, he objects to “visualizing” books in public. If I may, a semi-direct quote to clear things up: “Books are for reading. They are not, art. Nor are they decoration or vases or knickknacks or photographs or any such stuff.” So clearly we have MARITAL PROBLEMS.

I mean they always say every couple has the “same argument” over and over but in different manifestations.

BOOKS are our argument.

Blue Books

Blue Books

But when we moved into the “new house” there was lots and lots of room. So much room, in fact, that I lost my small dog on several occasions. However, I still maintain that books should be seen AND heard… so I’ve been slipping them in, in obvious places: the fireplace (not “on”, of course that would be horrific), next to the vacuum cleaner, in various “nooks” and “entryways, ” the bathtub… but they always get politely returned to my office. So we “went round.” And it was decided (probably informed by some Restoration Hardware Catalogue –and yes, I did just spell “catalogue” with a “u”) that blue books, because they “matched the walls” would be okay.

In the front room.

Behind the glass.

Where the wedding china lives.

It was a comp-row-mise.

But OMG! “You Guys” as my pal Thaddeus Gunn would say… YOU. GUYS. You will never believe this: ALL OF THE BEST BOOKS ARE BLUE!


Under those nasty paper jackets… the books are blue. Which means “win”. Which means books. Which means visible books. Which means words. And worlds. And wow.

P.S. Don’t worry. The China will be overrun…there are SO MANY blue books!

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